Horoscopes 2.

After I finished off with my post Horoscopes, it occurred to me that I should write one observation that would be applicable to all. I was spared the effort when I was given this as a reading for me on answering a quiz. Just look how clever the content writer is! I can’t think of anybody who would not be pleased with this observation!

“Your life hasn’t always been simple, and you obviously have quite a few skeletons in your closet, but you never let these things stop you. Your past difficulties are what made you who you are today, they built you and they represent a significant part of your personality. Although it was easier to escape and not to cope, you chose to stay and overcome all obstacles and learned a great deal during your life journey. Deep down you know that standing face to face with your inner demons, and overcoming them is the way to a better future.”

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  1. Indeed. One size fits all. There is a sort of catch-all with hoRRorscopes.

    Mind you, I was reliably informed last night – don’t ask by which test (think colours) – that currently I am not best pleased at my lack of progress. Wow. There is a revelation. To think that yellow is my favourite which, by rights, should defy all odds. Apropos of nothing, I learnt this morning that green, whilst that all soothing colour we associate with nature, is also the DEVILS’s colour. Hence, I suppose, “green with envy” or, worse, the “green eyed monster” (jealousy). Luckily I am not afflicted with either.

    Yellow mellow daisy waving hugs and kisses, my dear Ramana,

    1. Wife goes to an astrologer to learn more about her husband. The astrologer asks her, “Do you want to know about your husband’s future?”

      Without hesitation, the wife responds. “I will decide his future, you just tell me about his past.”

  2. I don’t quite know what to do with your post Ramana. I’ve had accurate horoscopes done by those who use tools and fine instrumentation to give me the details of the stars and planets at the moment of my birth and they are stunningly accurate and I wonder as we are all stardust and thence we will return: if that has anything to do with these assessments of personality?

    1. Let us just say that we differ about the efficacy of horoscopes. I personally have not had anything like your experience despite coming from a family which strongly believed in the Indian Astrology Science and cast horoscopes for everybody. Mine was cast too and I have it. I just have not felt the need to get it analysed to know about my past or my future. And, do I really need someone else to tell me about myself. My forays into these matters are just for entertainment and what we over here call time pass.(https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/timepass)

  3. I would be very pleased with that observation. But of course, who doesn’t have a few skeletons in their closet and who hasn’t confronted their inner demons? Platitudes dressed up as psychic wisdom!

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