How A Legend Is Born.

Last Friday, an ex colleague of mine and I were on the facebook chat reminiscing about the old days and this exchange took place.

TSK: Good to recall.. I remember someone told me that you cracked a joke to kid SS
That you named your puppy as Subramanian.

Me: Yes. Fact.

TSK: Yes facts cannot be refuted


TSK: Went through fully. Well written.

And yesterday, another ex colleague who has recently reappeared in my life after more than a quarter of a century,  thanks to facebook , and I exchanged some chit chat after I posted these photographs. Please click on the images to get larger resolutions.



Neither were at Bangalore where the dog name story happened. The former was in Madras and the latter in Calcutta. Neither had heard it from me as I had shared it with very few people then.

These two chats coming after more than a quarter century intrigued me and I carried out some investigations as to how they had come to know of the story. I found out that after I had resigned from that employer and left, a lot of speculation was rife in the company and one of the stories was that my attempted humour took a life of its own and was part of the reason for my quitting the company. One particular gentleman claiming to be my confidante spread the story that there was bad blood between me and my boss which was due to the dog’s name. Totally untrue as, after I had left the company my ex boss helped me with a number of business related matters and till today, both of us remain friends.

That joke became a legend after I left because of one man’s false claim to inside knowledge.

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