How Do You Identify Your Mojo.

This Friday’s LBC blog post’s title was suggested by Pravin whose take on this topic can be seen here. The other blogger who is sure to write Shackman’s post can be seen here. The latter is sure to have a good laugh when he reads my post!


There! I have identified my mojo. Except for one small detail. I will never be able to ride it due to my replaced and revised hip joints. Sad, but I can identify can’t I?

Seriously speaking, I strongly believe that mojo to be genuine, has to be one that is naturally gifted to one and not one that is nurtured by reading books of authors like Dale Carnegie or Napoleon Hill. The ones with the latter kind of nurtured mojo get found out for being superficial and their fans drop off like flies.

My late mother was one such gifted-with-mojo person and I suspect that her children have all inherited that trait.  Thankfully, it has not made any of us swollen headed.

Pravin, you should know whether I am gifted with mojo or not. And whether I go around trying to identify it or develop it.  For the record, you have it in abundant measure.

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