How Do You Identify Your Mojo.

This Friday’s LBC blog post’s title was suggested by Pravin whose take on this topic can be seen here. The other blogger who is sure to write Shackman’s post can be seen here. The latter is sure to have a good laugh when he reads my post!


There! I have identified my mojo. Except for one small detail. I will never be able to ride it due to my replaced and revised hip joints. Sad, but I can identify can’t I?

Seriously speaking, I strongly believe that mojo to be genuine, has to be one that is naturally gifted to one and not one that is nurtured by reading books of authors like Dale Carnegie or Napoleon Hill. The ones with the latter kind of nurtured mojo get found out for being superficial and their fans drop off like flies.

My late mother was one such gifted-with-mojo person and I suspect that her children have all inherited that trait.  Thankfully, it has not made any of us swollen headed.

Pravin, you should know whether I am gifted with mojo or not. And whether I go around trying to identify it or develop it.  For the record, you have it in abundant measure.

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  1. Funny that your mojo is a poor milage bike that you cant drive it either 😀 Well at least you save the cost of pertrol and enormous investment of 1.5+ lac which seems useless to me anyways on that mojo ;). Neither milage nor comfort of a car (no matter if the car is Maruti 800)

    I know you never needed reading Carnegie or Napoleon Hill.

    I read Carnegie in 1998 or sometime during my Engineering, tried the formula, failed it and realized that I dont want to cheat anyone with faking my identity. If something taught in his book becomes my nature thats a different thing but otherwise I dont want to fake my identity.

    A question – isnt it possible that you were gifted but werent aware about it? Like lord Hanuman, someone needs to remind you that you can fly. Since yesterday I am missing the whole story (I heard in some Osho talk long back) – a beggar (actually a lost prince) was found and was told he was not a beggar (that he thinks he is) but a king (that he is). The summary of the story was “We just have forgotten our true identity of ourselves…” Remember some story like that?
    Pravin recently posted..Thoughts are the Vehicle

    1. Being gifted and not being aware of that is the best way to be a human being! Just a natural communicator who can lead or follow as the situation demands. No, I cannot readily think of any story like that. Sorry.

  2. I second your choice of mojos and suggest you actually could ride it – and that Pravin should bash that choice is inexcusable!!! LOL ANd any successful salesman has his mojo working. Yours – I suspect – is very similar to what I said about mine in my post.
    shackman recently posted..How Do You Identify Your Mojo?

  3. i think your mojo will always be the bike mojo… INSIDE maybe.
    but to me your real mojo is the cowboy.
    and i mean that in every sense of the word both western and eastern!
    as to my own mojo…
    i was born for the stage. ham that i am. i just missed my calling.
    now i must resort to written corny LOL’s and !!!! and over the top embellisments.
    i could be accused of over acting. sad to say. but true.
    and oddly… the actors i admire the most… both living and dead… are those to whom
    it came naturally and quietly. deep. few words. expressive.
    must work on that. i’m the effusive auntie mame type instead.
    tammy j recently posted..good grief are you still here?

    1. Tammy, you will recollect my partner in crime and friend Ramesh with whom I go to movies. His nickname for me is something else irrelevant here but when I told him that you call me cowboy or Sean depending on your mood, he promptly offered to be my Tonto or Felix Leiter.

  4. I believe it changes -to suit where you are in life – sometimes, what was once your mojo, doesn’t seem to fit with the “current” and I’ve found that sometimes I think “it” has wandered away and maybe it’s time for a new one, but what?

    I’m in the twilight period right now, as my whole living/accommodation is about to drastically change. I’m up to my armpits in packing boxes, packages and what I deem loose ends (no box to fit it) – this time next week, I will be at my new place surrounded by all those packages…

    Sometime, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will attempt to find my new-2-me mojo and get on with the next facet of my life :–)

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