How Is The New Normal Shaping Up For You?

The question in the title for this blog post has been asked by Shackman. For him perhaps the new normal is strange and perhaps even awe inspiring as he lives in the USA,

For me, at my age of 78 and with health issues that have made mobility quite a problem for me for the last few years, the new normal is not something that I will have to get used to as apart from the need to wear a mask when going out and maintaining social distance, my life style is unlike to change much. I have been confined to my city and even there, to within my home for the past five years and so the limitations imposed by the pandemic have not seriously affected me bar some minor inconveniences on and off like the barber shop or the pedicurist being shut on lockdown days.

Leaving my personal life alone however when I see the trends around me, I can see major thrusts in the way people work and move about in day to day life. Increasing use of the internet and AI will radically change things and the immediate casualty that I foresee will be a collapse in the housing and business property businesses with many buildings already built not finding buyers. Sale of automobiles will also very likely take a hit as commuting will become less necessary and the travel and hospitality businesses will also see drop in volumes.

Health related businesses will change to be better equipped to meet emergencies having learnt from the stress undergone due to the pandemic. I anticipate more training institutions coming up in the areas of medicine and nursing as shortages were felt during the recent past.

This likely scenario is unlikely to seriously affect me personally and with that observation, I conclude this post with the question asked addressed to my readers. I look forward to hearing from them about how the new normal will be for them.

This is my take on this week’s Friday 3 On 1 blog posts where Sanjana, Shackman and I write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been suggested by Shackman. Please do go over to the other two blogs to see what they have to say on the same topic. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “How Is The New Normal Shaping Up For You?”

  1. like you… I live an ultra simple life. I have only what I need.
    I’m 76 now and content to spend my days in everyday ways with everyday pleasures. I think it would be very different if I were a Young Healthy person! I feel for them. but so glad to just be me and not have to worry. for the last Many years my interest has been in Interior ways of growing.
    meditation and breathing. I have recently been made aware of Grounding. I’d be interested in what you think about it.
    the Earthing Movie on youtube. it’s a documentary.

    1. We in India are conditioned from childhood to be grounded. For instance, we will not enter anyone’s home unless we remove our footwear outside their entrance or at a place designated for it immediately inside. Inside our homes, we usually walk barefoot. Apart from just this one instance, many other things that the video talks about is part of our normal way of living. Whether it is better is not for me to comment but, we have different climate and culture here and that should be factored into your following all that is talked about in the clip. If you are comfortable and find some benefit, I would encourage you to follow them.

  2. Our new normal is sort of like the old normal now that we’ve been fully vaccinated. Our ten-day trip to Colorado was overcomplicated by the number of people who were out and about. Most of the notices for entering into places said that masking was required unless you were fully vaccinated. We saw few people wearing masks in most places. If everyone was following the rules, that means that Colorado must have a very high percentage of people who are fully vaccinated — except that we know that many people don’t follow rules and that the percentage of Colorado’s population that is fully vaccinated is right at 50%. That’s a pretty high value, but, in most places, there were few people wearing a mask. [most of the COVID hospitalization and deaths in the US are now among younger people — older people are smart and got the vaccinations.]

    Traffic was horrible at times as people continue to seek post-COVID fun and adventure. Unfortunately, for the unvaccinated, post-COVID is a fantasy dream that many will find to be a nightmare when they or their loved ones fall victim to the disease. Variant D is now in every state of the country but 2 and is expected to become rampant before autumn arrives. Hospitalization and deaths are rising in our state and others. The outlook is grim for the unvaccinated, but, for whatever reason, they don’t understand it. [For some classes, it’s part of an aversion to doing anything the the government wants you to do… but they willingly accept pandemic stimulus money.]
    Mike recently posted..FedEx was “born” in Little Rock

    1. I find your experience very similar to what many of my friends who are more mobile than I am experience. They usually return with scorn for our version of covidiots who are plenty all over the country.

  3. The main diffetence between us is that you have a few more years practice than I since you are a bit older. Otherwise things are quite similar. I am not sure the real estate market here will ever slow down though

  4. I’ve no real idea what the “new normal” looks for others, particularly the younger generation. I do my best to follow the “rules” laid down in New Zealand at this time but they are not onerous unless you travel by any type of crowded or multiple seated transport – then masks are required.
    I still seem to be able access whatever I need but most of the time, I’m homebound as my health (nothing to do with covid) is off centre.

    Take care everyone

  5. I don’t really see this as a new normal yet — a bit too premature. In fact, when all is more resolved, hopefully after Delta+ and no more serious variants come on to the stage, I’m not sure there is going to be what we can call a “normal”. There just are too many uncertainties beyond this pandemic, including environmental issues that need to be closer to resolution, IMHO.

  6. Nothing much has changed here and very little sign of any new normal. People are shopping just the same, driving just the same (plenty of traffic jams), cramming on to beaches just the same. The only new normal is the fact that we’re still wearing masks and (most of the time) distancing. I’m still waiting for any other “new normal” to make itself apparent.

  7. belated birthday wishes Rummy!
    I tried twice to email you… and both times it was returned to me as ‘undeliverable.’
    hope you see this.

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