How Old Are You?

I was asked to play this game by a friend and despite my cynicism, I did and got this message at the end of the game.


You really act like a seventy-five year old! You’ve lived long enough to want to continue the routine as is. The joy you feel in knowing that you love and can take pleasure in almost every aspect of your life is overwhelming. You may have faced adversity at some point, and are only alive because you’ve overcome it. Health is a top priority for you. Everyday you do what you can to keep yourself like a well-oiled machine. Your motto is probably something like: “I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on!”

I am 72. Close enough but I had a head start in terms of being independent and that should account for the three years difference. I am impressed with this method.

Try it. You may find it as interesting as I did!

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