How Old Do You Behave?

A friend suggested on facebook that I answer a quiz to find out how old I behave and I did.

This is the result that I got.

You Act Like You Are 98
You try to keep your movements to a minimum, doing just what is absolutely necessary, in order to be as healthy as you can be. You’ve been through a lot in life, so much so that hardly anything surprises you anymore. For you, family is the be-all and end-all. You feel blessed beyond belief to share time with your loved ones – and you know that love is the most important thing there is.”

Others around me do not agree that I act like I am 98, nor do I think that I do. I think that I act my age and within my physical limitations. I however agree with the rest of the analysis.

If you are interested in attempting the quiz, you can do so here.

20 thoughts on “How Old Do You Behave?”

  1. I don’t need to do the quiz (though will – and notify you in due course) to know that I am five. Late onset disenchantment with the world awaits me. More is the pity. I look at the world in wonderment, nay, astonished. And that’s good. And sometimes it’s not so good – particularly when the world/people are not quite what a five year old expects of them Never mind. Better pliable than brittle.

    98, is it, Ramana? Is that a covert suggestion that you are a sage? Without wishing to divert attention to that last post of mine (and I didn’t even mean to discuss astrology but the satisfactions of order) you sure fit the Cancerian’s love of, and devotion to, family. However, just to balance the books, please do bear in mind that Mick Jagger was born a Cancer too – and declared, on leaving the mother of four of his children, that they were never married at all (beware of wedding ceremonies in Hawaii or some such).

    With great age comes great foot in grave – so be careful.

    Ursula recently posted..Ship shape

    1. So I did the test. Marvellous. I too am 98. Is that the default mode? Na. I did it again, slightly modifying my replies and what do you know? I have compressed the numbers. I am thirteen.

      “You see life as a battle for your very existence. The world and everything in it feels like it’s changing, yet this only inspires you with wonder. Every day heralds a new set of adventures you can’t wait to sink your teeth into. You are in a time of great change, which you might as well make the most of.”

      I am “in a time of great change”. Bloody hell. I think we all are in a time of change. Let’s hope for the better.

      Ursula recently posted..Ship shape

    2. The story of Mick Jagger only reinforces my total disbelief in astrology, palmistry etc. I am not a sage and do not want ever to be even mistaken for one. I am a seeker and am willing to share what I know and try to find out from the sharer what I do not know. Just two days ago, I had gone for a hair cut and during the banter with the barber he asked me my age and when I told him he was astounded and said in all seriousness that he thought that I would be around 65. I assured him that I already have a foot in the grave, which, believe me, sounds much better in Urdu, and that he can look forward to being a pall bearer.

  2. good grief! i also came up with 98.
    i started to think it was a default number also… til i read other comments.
    wonder if it’s because ‘peace’ is so important to me. i think they got it wrong.
    in my own mind i am 12. it was a very good year for me. and continues to serve me well.
    and much of what i say can be traced to that mind set i suppose.

    1. I wouldn’t take the results too seriously if I were you. I shared the quiz just for the fun of it. At least two other readers tried and on second attempts got different results!

  3. I’m also 98. I think it’s rigged. I’m guessing there’s not a lot of ages offered. I’m tempted to try different answers just to see what happens.

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