How Old Do You Behave?

A friend suggested on facebook that I answer a quiz to find out how old I behave and I did.

This is the result that I got.

You Act Like You Are 98
You try to keep your movements to a minimum, doing just what is absolutely necessary, in order to be as healthy as you can be. You’ve been through a lot in life, so much so that hardly anything surprises you anymore. For you, family is the be-all and end-all. You feel blessed beyond belief to share time with your loved ones – and you know that love is the most important thing there is.”

Others around me do not agree that I act like I am 98, nor do I think that I do. I think that I act my age and within my physical limitations. I however agree with the rest of the analysis.

If you are interested in attempting the quiz, you can do so here.

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