How Time Flies.

I went shopping yesterday to a retailer located just half a kilometer away from my home. I bought two sets of curtains for my bedroom windows, some dry fruits and a couple of plastic dispensers.

I started to walk back home with the shopping bag thinking that it should be relatively easy to tote the shopping bag for just half a kilometer but I must have appeared to be struggling as a young man I have known from when he was a little boy, came to my rescue and offered to carry the bag home the rest of the way.

I handed the bag over to the young man and walked with him back to my home and he came in to spend a few minutes with me catching up with his story. He left after a pleasant chat.

What impressed me most about the whole episode was his very cheerful disposition and a genuine desire to be of help. What came as a kind of a moderating thought to me about myself was the fact that I now struggle with shopping bags.

Lesson learnt. Shall henceforth take the car for such shopping trips or take someone younger to tote the bags home if the shopping is done nearby.

I hope that you are reading this Shivam. Thank you for helping me as well as for giving me the wake up call.

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  1. When we moved in to this house, the owners had left behind most of their belongings for us to use. Among them was a wonderful wheeled grocery cart. It has saved me! I can pull it easily along behind me. Maybe you could buy one so that you can continue to get the exercise without having to lug around the weight of the purchases.
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    1. That is a great idea. Unfortunately, we cannot buy those carts here. The retailers do not allow them to be taken out of their premises/parking lots.

      1. No harm in taking a “strolley” along . People might think you are just returning from a trip – no stigma there !

  2. Dear Ramana, you have just reminded me of one of the yardsticks of how I measure old age. The moment I won’t be able to help the elderly across the road or carry their shopping or pick up something they have dropped will be THE moment I am not looking forward to. So as long as no youngster offers me a seat on the bus I can be sure of two things: I am neither highly pregnant nor do I yet qualify as frail. Frail? Perish the thought. Frail and I do not go together.

    Delirious’ suggestion of the wheely thingy an excellent one. My mother has even named hers (i think it’s Emma). Trouble is, and this might be of interest to a marketing department: Those shopping bags on wheels still have that taint of ‘old age’ which is a pity. Christ, in the aftermath of my various arm and wrist breakages I’d given my left little toe for one of those. And what do you know: Salvation is nigh. Only yesterday did I notice a very young lady, most self assured with just one of those contraptions in tow. As cool as a cucumber. The design was so NOT old – more a fashion accessory – I asked her for the name of the manufacturer. Yes, I know, I am vain.

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  3. I’m sure the same help would be offered in Belfast if someone was struggling with heavy shopping bags. We’re a caring bunch despite the grim media stereotypes.

    Yes, what you need is a shopping trolley but as Ursula says they still smack of “old age” so aren’t as popular as they should be. But if wheeled suitcases have caught on with all ages, why not shopping trolleys I wonder?
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  4. it’s very odd.
    I moved to an upstairs apartment you know. and I have no problem with the stairs at all. UNLESS . . . I am carrying bags of groceries or whatever. if I carry any load at all – I pant like a little dog at the top and for several minutes inside. good grief! talk about an age wakeup call!
    hoping it will get better instead of worse.
    and no . . . only panting for oxygen. no tongue hanging out. LOL.
    at least a little bit of dignity still.
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  5. I have one of those shopping trolleys, linked from Grannymar reply. One of the reasons is of course no transport (have no car) and want to get more than a few items from supermarket.

    They are very reasonably priced here and one of the reasons may be that more Asians use them, and there are many Asian el-cheapo type shops here.

    I still feel self conscious about it but everyone seems to think it was a great solution…I took it for a spin this morning, trying to beat the hot blazing sun, so was out around 6.54am; and we bought back a reasonable supply of food stuffs!
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  6. I’m not your age, but I’m starting to notice that bags feel heavy here and there. I’ve always been one who carried all my bags in my left hand at the same time so I could manipulate my keys and whatever else with my right hand, since I’m right handed. I’d never noticed the weight in my arms, although when I’d hurt my back I certainly felt it there. But now I’m struggling sometimes, and it’s depressing. Still, I figure as long as my walks are relatively short and, luckily, I don’t have to deal with stairs, I’ll just deal with it.
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    1. May be the weight of the stuff that we carry has just increased! I say this because, instead of making more than one trip, we tend to buy things to avoid another trip and the weight that we carry increases!

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