How Time Has Flown!

As I write this at 9.45 AM this Saturday morning, my mind goes back to fifty years to another Saturday when I was pacing and chain smoking waiting for some news from the team that was in charge of a momentous occasion.

At exactly 11.10 AM, the doctor popped out to inform me that we had been blessed with a boy.

Yes, my son and heir Ranjan is fifty years old today and I simply cannot believe it.

Nothing else can describe Ranjan than this photograph taken just last week. He is with Chutki and Koko.

His late mother would have been on cloud nine today.

14 thoughts on “How Time Has Flown!”

  1. Happy 50th Ranjan time sure has flown as i came back to India in 1971 and you were a baby!

  2. What joy indeed! Happy Birthday, Ranjan, may you double the score (in good health).

    My own Angel will hit thirty in late September. Will I be able to celebrate his fiftieth, always here for him, another twenty years? Only time will tell.

    Affectionate greetings to Papa Ramana on this day, and a hug thrown in for good measure,

  3. happiest of birthdays to dear Ranjan!
    a beautiful man inside and out.
    he has good genes! xo

    1. Thank you Catherine. I have passed on your message to Ranjan who thanks you too. Yes, you think right. It seems just the other day that he was a tiny little bundle.

  4. Wonderful!

    Our oldest is just a little younger. She just turned 48. Her sister is 46. One was born in an Air Force Hospital in California just before we were transferred to Idaho, the other in a Navy hospital in Connecticut just before I had to leave to go back to the submarine in Scotland. (Being gone from family was why I got out of the service)

    Happy birthday to Ranjan.
    Mike recently posted..I can only imagine…

    1. Thank you Mike. I have passed on your message to Ranjan who thanks you too. You were lucky to have been there when they were born just as I was despite my having been on a travelling job those days.

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