How To Keep Ashok From Running Off.

Anu, in her comments on my blog post about meeting her at Bangalore had this to say – “Thanks for the lovely post Ramana Sir! It was a real pleasure meeting you.

I hope that you make another trip to Bangalore really soon, and hopefully for a longer period of time.

Hopefully, I’m able to put Ashok’s insecurities to rest by then and keep him from running away to some hiding place! ;)”

This was, in her inimitable style, taking a dig at Ashok who had this to say earlier – “And sir, my escaping to Chennai was well founded. I figured if Anu ever got around to compare the two of us having met us at the same time, she might choose you over me ;)”

I have promised her that I would ensure that he does not run away the next time all three of us are together with an idea that I got from a carotoon.

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