My late mother said this to my late wife and strangely enough, my late mother in law said the same thing to me about her daughter.

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  1. My father wasn’t too keen on my relationship with Jenny. He had such a low opinion of me he claimed I was taking advantage of her. I was never quite sure what he meant by that, but Jenny and I have been happily taking advantage of each other for many years!

    1. In the traditional Chinese way, my mother in law was less than impressed with me but I earned some respect after raising four children!

  2. LOL!
    are we the only animals who judge? I wonder. I’m not just being facetious!
    maybe other animals judge like that but in ways not easily known to us.
    getting to the stage where people can LAUGH at proclamations like in-laws make!

  3. That IS funny. Couldn’t happen in my family of origin since my mother does, increasingly, white wash our and the wider family. That we haven’t been sainted is a miracle. The Waltons have nothing on us.

    Having said that, insert pregnant pause, my mother still hasn’t forgiven me for depriving her of her two beloved sons-in-law. The second still in contact with them so I don’t know what she is complaining about. Maybe she’d be happier if he had been successful in strangling me.

    Please ignore the last line. Only this morning the Angel complained about my, in his words, “terribly dark” humour. I agree. It’s awful. I try and not voice any of it out loud. Or, in the words of the sister who doesn’t talk to me any longer – her idea, not mine – if I’d put my “mind and tongue” to commercial use I’d make a fortune. Anyway, in the wake of what the Apple of my Eye said to me earlier I am now pondering becoming a comedian. They feed off the dark of the human soul. And make others laugh in the process. Win win.


  4. I’m sure it’s a Mother thing…I know my mother said they had to met my ex first; which was silly because I was in Australia at the time…when I did return a few years later on my own; my Mother was very concerned at my “clothing and hair do”…I think I may have written about at some earlier point…and she said the next day “if you weren’t married to that man, I would put in normal clothing etc..and get your hair cut”! I was so pleased to get back to Aussie.
    Mother was set to meet him, when I decided to come to NZ – but she died before we arrived…so neither parent met him! Not sure what she would’ve thought about him or even my choices…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Reminder about underlying issues

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