I Aint Flying No More!

My friend Chuck will be delighted with my decision. He always said that if God had wanted him to fly, He would have given Chuck wings.

Here are two articles. The first one is from my glorious mother land, where something like this is shrugged off, though I personally know of a case where a retired fighter pilot from the Indian Air Force, who fought and survived, died in a civilian air crash when he was traveling as a fare paying passenger.

The second one is more intriguing. Particularly, after 9/11 with so many security agencies set up in the USA, this can happen. Read on.

Why should it bother me? Indians are argumentative. They will use anything to twist around to their own way of thinking or whining. In a recent television panel interview, some Indian celebrities were discussing the Mumbai serial blasts and some consensus emerged that India must emulate the USA after 9/11. That comment has gone viral in India and everywhere one hears that the USA has not had a terrorist attack post 9/11 and why the Indian leadership is unable to give the same to India in general and Mumbai in particular. If you have some time, and really care, here is an article which shows how argumentative we really are and how anything can be twisted to suit the purpose of the writer.

Chuck, this must be music to your ears, I ain’t flying no more.

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