I Always Wondered Why!

Lin has once again come up with an enigmatic topic for the weekly Friday LBC posts. Please do go over to her blog and Shackman’s to see what they have to say on this topic.

Frankly, unlike other topics that I have tackled so far, this one stumps me. It is for the simple reason that other than to wonder in retrospect about somethings that I did in the past, I rarely wonder about why others do things or things happen. Those rare occasions will be when someone does something totally out of character and bizarre. Such events are rare enough for me not to be bothered too much. Bizarre things do happen and I do read about them in the papers, but they rarely happen to people I know personally and to that extent, other than a passing interest in the story, I don’t get too deeply involved in wondering why that person had to do whatever it was that was done.

Occasionally I do wonder why my life turned out the way it did because I rarely had anything to do with many incidents that led from one development to another and eventually into a rather mundane retired life. Things kept happening to me without me having initiated anything other than be in the right place at the right time with time and ability available for a zig zag career to develop, blossom and eventually lead to retirement.

Other than this one major wonderment, I really don’t much wonder why. I suppose that I am not curious enough.


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  1. i got to the end.
    and then the frisbee hit me and i LOL’d.
    i am an abstract thinker and i seldom wonder about anything.
    i am a leaf floating on the top of the water.
    i do admire the deep pools.
    but i’m on my way to the ocean! xo
    tammy j recently posted..for once

  2. I wonder why constantly. I’m always curious as to why people do the extraordinary and perverse and irrational things they do. I seldom get any answers because the explanation is locked in the bottom of their psyche, but I can’t help wondering.

  3. You’d have made a fine detective (and/or reporter): The who, where, when and how usually easily answered – but the WHY, Ramana, the WHY. Motive. Motivation. Plumbing the depths of the human soul. Give me a missing black box (flight recorder) any day. Ping …

    If you, my dear Ramana, can’t be bothered (any longer) to ask “why” it means two things: You are either bored with it all or plain lazy. Another spin one could put on your assertion that the all accepting Zen has finally caught up with you. Congratulations.

    And then there are the truly curious of this world. No, not dogs in search of the bone they recently buried. Children. “Why” is the one question children will ask enough to drive the most able adult to the brink of admitting that there isn’t always an answer. I remember a sunny Sunday afternoon which I believe must have tested my poor father’s metal. I was about ten, he was mowing the lawn. The lawn was large and the mower noisy. I just ran alongside, asking him about god, each question starting with the “Yes, BUT WHY …?”. Years later my own, then little, son came home from school. He was totally disenchanted with his RE lesson (religious education). Didn’t buy a word of it. The only thing he asked me was: “Mama, WHY, if God is so almighty, …?” You know what’s coming, Ramana, don’t you? Rarely lost for words I was stumped for a moment. Children want answers. NOW. So muttered something about that not everything (like the Bible) should be taken literally. That those “stories” were painting pictures, using metaphors to etc etc etc. to reinforce morals. He [the Angel] took it well. Why? “Trust me. I am your mother.”

    Ursula recently posted..Tabula Rasa

      1. Calm down, Lin. I didn’t insult you. There was no hate. Hate is only where first there is love. You have it in for me. And that’s fine. Self centered people usually don’t get me – or anyone else.

        If you can’t take a hint, a valuable criticism, it reflects more on you than those who take an interest in your utterances. As I truly like both Ramana and Shackman, and they seem to value you, I took time and interest [in you].

        Think about it, Lin. You say you read “no more than the first few words”. Is that the basis to make a judgment on the content of what I said? More fool me to think you have the brains. Try and read Shackman’s “Why” post again.

        Let’s cut to the chase, Lin. You don’t like me. That’s ok. Your loss.

        If this wasn’t Ramana’s blog I’d blow you apart. As it is I’ll keep you and your blogging ilk to my own blog. You have to give me a moment or two (I am in the middle of cooking) but blow apart I will you and your vanity.

        Ursula recently posted..Tabula Rasa

        1. Oh, Lin. Please try and employ some sort of dignity befitting your age. You are beginning to make a fool of yourself.

          My “boring and empty life”? Sure, if you say so. In the meantime why not empty the dregs of your own?

          Ursula recently posted..Tabula Rasa

    1. Plain lazy rather than bored I should say. I certainly was a very curious child and I too would ask questions for which sometimes, the answers simply were not satisfying. I wish that I could have had such inspiring tales to tell about curious son’s questions. Since when he could have asked them, he was away in boarding school, I am afraid that I lost a lot of interesting times.

  4. Had you been lucky to be at right place at right time? Why dont you wonder on that? 🙂

    I dont think you have a mundane retired life. Some people wish when they get old they have as interesting, cheerful and jolly good mundane retired life that youngsters come and look at them with amazement!

    You know what I mean. If no? Why dont you wonder on that 😉

  5. Your thoughts on the part luck plays in a career were interesting. I’ve had many co-workers who at least claimed to have a detailed play to get themselves to the top of their professions. In retrospect, it seems about as many failed to advance very far as rose to high levels.

    I never had a plan, but believed in my parents’ philosophy–work hard and good things will come to you. That turned out to be nonsense. Many hard workers reap few benefits of their labors. For me, things just happened. As you put it, I was “in the right place at the right time.” And sometimes in the wrong place. I spend little time wondering why things happened to me. They just did.
    Dick Klade recently posted..What More Can An Auto Do?

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