I Am A Softy.

We call this Softy Ice-cream here. No, I don’t mean that I am that.

When it comes to children, I become all soft and gooey gooey.

This is a photograph of my grand nephew Finlay escorting his little sister Josephine to a wedding. It is a bit dated but, shows the Scottish background. They are both a bit older now and Jo has just started to go to play school.  They live in Edinburgh.  They are the youngest of a lot of Rajgopauls.

The past few days, my nephew Simon who tries to get the kids to have breakfast and leave for school on time, calls me up on a video call so that these two rascals can talk to me and ask me questions like what is my favourite breakfast, colour, animal etc.

It takes just a few minutes but, the few minutes for me is heaven. I wish that some way could be invented to hug them from all this distance. .

This morning, I had a bonus. Their grandfather, my brother Barath was visiting and was a delicious surprise addition to the call.

It has been over six hours since the call.  I am still feeling like a softy.

21 thoughts on “I Am A Softy.”

  1. I used to be just like that until I started living with my then 6 now 8 year oldgrandson – LOL. He knows how to push every button to make me nuts so ky softyness is temporarily on hiatus…..

    1. I can understand. I have one grand nephew among many others, currently in Dubai who can drive me, his parents, his grandfather, my brother Arvind and anybody else that comes across him nuts. But, I enjoy my encounters with him but unlike you, I don’t live with him!

      1. i LOVE this ad!
        just yesterday i heard our ice cream truck outside.
        but it doesn’t have softies like in the ad. it’s $4 or $5 for different kinds on a stick. but the music is always the same in them. and it reminds me of my childhood! when the prices were LOWER!
        tammy j recently posted..earth day rain

  2. Was there any question about your being anything but kind and gentle and loving and yes – a softy. A wise softy who I’m sure will advise the two little tykes on reasons why they should be eating their breakfast ❤️😊
    Oh and the soft serve ice cream man who drives round the street is called Mr Whippy here in Australia
    Cathy recently posted..Wondering while Washing Up on a Wednesday……

    1. Thank you Cathy. No, there was no question but, I haven’t ever blogged about my weakness for children. So when the opportunity arose with those telephone calls, I just could not resist the temptation.

  3. ohmygosh! his tiny kilt! and her in her ‘princess’ dress.
    i made the picture bigger. the concentration in walking that long slick floor!
    they would probably have more fun running and sliding on it. lol
    and the ice cream i wish i had right now for breakfast.
    one of my favorites. never tire of it.
    yes sean. definitely a softy you.
    tammy j recently posted..earth day rain

    1. We are trying to get them to come down to India to see all of us. Their two grand uncles and one grand aunt are no longer in any condition to visit them in the UK. Their parents have promised to make it soon.

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