I Am Alive And Kicking.

I just thought that I should make my presence felt before some friends start missing me.

I am very much alive and having fun and have fully recovered from the excesses of out 75th Independence anniversary celebrations as well as Janmashtami.

I haven’t just had the inspiration to write blog posts. I will try and generate some enthusiasm the coming week which promises to be quite unusual from two days down the line with a gang of old reprobates landing up for lunch at my place.

In the meanwhile, Hello Sandeep!

16 thoughts on “I Am Alive And Kicking.”

  1. Been a while but glad to hear you are still alive and taking nourishment. I too haven’t had any inclination to get back to my blog writing. Perhaps September will bring with it more enthusiasm to get back to posting. Stay well my friend.

  2. What a good idea! I seem to disappear from my blog without explanation for extended periods. I often disappear from reading blogs for those times. Sometimes because life takes over. I am in a personal process (which I go into intermittently) in which I take over my life again. Or perhaps I just change to a writing mode instead of a living mode.

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