I Am Fallible!


The unthinkable happened.  Much to the astonishment of the POW and his consort, Mr. Perfect goofed up.

I left home yesterday without my set of keys and on returning home would have been in a great deal of trouble had the POW not been at home to open the door for me.  Eight years ago was the last time this had happened and I had promptly got a duplicate set made and left it with my nephew who used to live just about a hundred meters away from us.  Alas. he died two years ago and since then, I have not made any alternate arrangement.  Time to think about that too.

I must be getting senile!

12 thoughts on “I Am Fallible!”

  1. you’re not getting senile!!! I’ve done that at least once a year for the last decade! i think of it as an exercise in my ability to handle panic.
    the last time it happened the marine was in the mountains of Colorado and it was about 103 degrees outside! luckily i had left one window unlocked. in the back of the house. i managed to get it open and climb through. wow! that was 3 years ago!!! maybe I’ve finally grown out of it!
    haven’t done it since. 🙂
    tammy j recently posted..may i have the envelope please?

  2. Being practical, I have a house key attached to the belt loop on my slacks. I haven’t needed it, as I recall, but it gives me peace of mind. And, yes, it’s easy to switch it when I change clothes.

    The last time I locked myself out of the house was 10 or 15 years ago. I spent the afternoon in the library while I waited for Andy to come home.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Winter Again

  3. Since I live alone it is not a good idea to lock myself out of the house. I have done so and it cost me £80 for a professional to unlock the door. I stood by his side and watched how he did it. I have proved on another occasion that it works and after that I have a key secreted in my garden in case it happens again!
    Grannymar recently posted..Sunday One liners ~ 68

  4. Happened to me just last summer. Karen and I were taking separate vehicle, one of which was to be dropped off for servicing. She had locked the door and headed out before me. Just after she left, I realized I didn’t have my keys. They were inside the locked house.

    Fortunately, I had my cell phone and I caught her before she got to the cell phone dead zone 3 miles east of here. I know how to get in without the keys, but I’d rather not.
    Mike recently posted..“Are you okay?”

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