I Am In Awe!

There is an open ground about two hundred meters away from our home where either Manjiree or Ranjan or both take Koko and occasionally  Chutki also, for  exercises in the mornings and evenings. While Chutki goes out with a professional walker twice a day, Koko needs to be taken out by one of them every day.

Koko frolics around while there and is usually very reluctant to come away. She has a couple of friends called Max  and Zimba who play with her with abandon and it is always a sight to watch  them frolicking.

Why am I in awe?

Koko, the brown one,  is totally blind and totally depends on her other senses for her existence. Just look at her spirit for all that big handicap and look at Max in the first video and Zimba in the next  who are so careful with her.

14 thoughts on “I Am In Awe!”

  1. It’s remarkable how she overcomes her blindness by using her other senses. I had no idea she was blind until you mentioned it.

  2. how wonderful there is a place they can play like that!
    she is an inspiration to ALL of us whether blind or not!
    she’s such a little sweetheart. I’m so glad Manjiree and Ranjan saved her.
    and thank YOU for sharing her with us.
    I’ll keep hoping that Chutki will grow to love her too! XOXO

  3. Dogs have senses more finely tuned than our own, they sense danger and love and wee Koko has found her bravery. I am in awe of these videos. I knew she was blind from previous posts but this is awesome how care and attention have made her life so joyful!!


  4. That’s so wonderful and uplifting! I have watched those videos so many times! Bless you all for taking KoKo in. Like R & M, J picked Zeba over the other puppies because with a amputated foot joint and a body full of scars, she felt no one would adopt her. THe world is a better place for people like them.

  5. Vigi just showed me this post and I was looking at the videos completely unaware of Koko being blind. When I read the rest of the post, I had to go back and see the videos a couple more times. Nothing in her behaviour suggests she has a problem. ‘Cos in her head, she doesn’t. This is normal for her and it’s incredible to see the joy in her life. Ranjan is a sweetheart.

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