I Am Now A Teenager!

I was wondering what prompted young people to send me mail and information about ageing and now exactly the reverse has happened.

No, no young friend has sent this but, I suspect that a direct mailing unit has. They must have accessed information from Facebook or WhatsApp and concluded that I am a teenager!

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This dog is too old to learn new tricks!  Should I laugh, cry or be flattered?

8 thoughts on “I Am Now A Teenager!”

  1. probably a compliment.
    i think you’re an anomaly to them. they probably aren’t sure how you fit into any criteria. that’s the problem with ‘criteria.’
    they don’t include simply wonderful wise humorous minimalist true characters!
    who are really much younger than their chronological age would imply. 😀
    tammy j recently posted..may day

  2. I want to know when you will have such an opportunity for adults to come to India. Please send me any helpful information

    1. Vedanta teachers abound in the West and you don’t have to come to India to learn. A simple web search should enable you to find a teacher close to wherever you live. I wish you all success. If you want more assistance / information, you can write to me separately through the contact section of the blog.

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