6 thoughts on “I Don’t Care.”

  1. LOL

    of course, yesterday morning (Thursday) I got in a tizz, thought it was Friday and it was then just on 9.15am and I knew that the dude picking me to go to the movies wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t at the gate by 9.30am – at that point I wasn’t nearly ready to leave the house. I then checked my phone WHEW it’s only Thursday…

    Made it to the driveway end today Friday and enjoyed the outing…

  2. Maybe this is why so many offices send out reminders now via text messages or automated phone calls. Many of their patients or clients are seniors who don’t have any real need to keep track of days.

    1. My dentist uses an app to do that. Thanks to your comments, I sent a link to my post to her and asked her if that is why she sends me reminders. She was quite amused and said that she sends such messages to all her patients irrespective of their age!

  3. today I actually forgot what Year it is. I was thinking 2021.
    I had to google it to find out. not sure what that says about me.
    but I’m enjoying retirement for sure. precisely for the fact it doesn’t matter What day it is! especially if I don’t have any appointment for something. it’s a lovely way to live!

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