I Have Been Honoured Again!

For those of my readers who balk at calling me Sir. Ramana, perhaps an alternative, Dr. Rajgopaul will appeal.  Below is a screen shot of an email received by me.
The story behind this honour is also connected to another blog post of mine on Support. As mentioned there, I act as buying agent for some friends and this relates to one such friend who is Dr. SWB. For their own internal purposes, the vendor in this case wanted both the billing address and the Delivery address. Some guy with a sense of humour decided to call me Dr. Rajgopaul. I don’t know what he would have addressed SWB as!

Be that as it may, one of my passing obsessions was to obtain a PhD after retirement and it was Dr. SWB who was to have been my mentor. I gave up that idea primarily due to the good Doctor’s advice that my sense of humour would be a disadvantage. Now, a total stranger has decided to do justice to both of us!

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