I Have Been Knighted!

If you go to my “About Me” page you will know that I am addressed by various names and I have wondered why I have never been called by the name Sir Ramana!

That has now been set at rest.

I reproduce below a screen shot of a comment I made in a blog and the response that I received from the blogger.

Do you agree that I should henceforth insist on being addressed as Sir Ramana?

10 thoughts on “I Have Been Knighted!”

  1. I gather you were knighted several years ago for services to blogging, intellectual inquiry and general merry-making. I can understand you wanting to keep it quiet out of modesty but now you’ve been outed! So congratulations, Sir Ramana.

  2. Absolutely no harm in being called Sir Ramana ! This has happened to me as well in one of the company’s where I worked. There were some enthusiastic trainees who instead of saying “Sandeep sir” ended up saying “Sir Sandeep” 🙂 therefore I am glad to hear that there is someone else who can sit at my “table” 🙂

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