I Just Hate It When …”

Where do I begin?

It is a no brainer. The pride of place must go to unsolicited advise. I don’t offer it and find it extremely unpleasant when people offer this to me. This is one communication that can get my goat up.

Closely followed by that is when people take themselves too seriously. I don’t take myself seriously and find it quite amusing when some one does and that gets the other person to take himself or herself more seriously.

Next in line will be when people interrupt me when I am holding forth. This does not happen too often as I don’t hold forth much, but when I do, I find it quite annoying.

Easily a favourite pet hate for a number of Indians is the ungrateful government servant/politician, currently employed or retired. His/her complaints about India and its people is the loudest whereas he/she should be grateful for the taxpayers, direct and indirect who support such a huge population of underworked and overpaid specimens.

The others on the list are quite mundane, but in the order of priority, they are:

Being interrupted by the telephone or the door bell, when I am
cooking, solving crossword puzzles, blogging, or reading.

It does not happen very often, but another human failing that can get me riled up is when someone does not keep his word. This is done mostly by plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen and some of my customers when payment time comes around.

Otherwise, I take the normal day to day disturbances in my stride.

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