I Learn All The Time.


This is a cake that Ranjan’s friends brought for his birthday today. Rimzim means “Sound of rain drops.” I asked what on earth happened and discovered that my son is called Rimzim by one of his friends.

That describes him to a tee.Β  His mother would have loved that he was called Rimzim.

9 thoughts on “I Learn All The Time.”

  1. How lovely, Ramana, not only the actual meaning of the name but its sound too (rolls off the tongue).

    Well, Rimzim, many a time I I think of you as the resident computer wizard I envy your father for. Happy Birthday, and may the sun always shine on your parade and the rain keep off your cake(s).

    Ursula recently posted..Calling

  2. Certainly cake decor has so much more meaning…I’m sure Ranjan will abide by Grannymar’s reply and do just that πŸ™‚
    You gained a gift as well, a new name for your son…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Taking The Tour…

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