Ice Golas.

Gola in Hindi translates into ball.

When we were young, one of the special treats that we would save up for to buy and enjoy was ice golas made by shaved ice being packed into a shape of a ball around a stick and dipped into sweet and coloured flavouring to be eaten like a lolly pop.

The vendor had a distinct bell to announce his arrival with a push cart which just had rows of coloured liquids in bottles, a block of solid ice and a shaver mounted on the top of the cart. Depending on the flavour/colour ordered, he would make a al carte ice golas for our delight. He would even give multi choices in one gola like you see on the top gola!

We did not know anything about bottled water and merrily ate this delicious thingamajig whenever the opportunity arose and we had some cash in our pockets.

Now technology has overtaken the traditional and children and their parents insist on safe water etc and the Indian entrepreneur has obliged with various options sadly, displacing the push cart vendor out of business, at least in the cities. With the advent of modern Marketing/Branding savvy, some have gone further and developed chains of retailers selling these.

I have every intention of trying these out once I am released from my house arrest. I wonder if these would taste the same as the old ice golas!

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