Readers of my blog posts know that I am blessed with regular experiences of synchronicity. Here is another experience.

Two days ago, I received a phone call from a friend who had emigrated to Australia and has just returned to India for a visit. Through another mutual friend he got my phone number and called me and chatted for about fifteen minutes.

The rest of the conversation is unimportant for this post but the one about my marriage is. He and his wife were regular visitors to our home before they emigrated as were we to their home in Bengaluru. On being informed that Urmeela had died nine years ago, he was quite taken aback and reminded me of how funny she could be about her relationship with me. He asked me how I had coped with the loss and on being told that I am now quite comfortable in my single status he suggested that I get married to myself. I thought that he was joking and let it pass. He subsequently sent me this quote from Douglas Adams through WhatsApp.  A measure of the liberties that old friends can take with each other.

Earlier this afternoon I got a reference to a BBC programme on Self Marriage and I was stumped at the coincidence. I called up my friend and asked him if this is what he had meant. He promptly confirmed that this is what he meant and that he was not being facetious. I immediately thought of sharing this with my readers.

Wonders will not cease will they?  I would rather be an idiot than go through the self marriage experience. There are other singles among my readers whose opinion I seek through this post.

12 thoughts on “Idiot!”

  1. A total crock of el toro poopoo IMHO. Seems to imply one cannot be happy unless one is married. I’d sooner marry my dog Ginger than myself. I suppose it does no harm to marry ones self. As a good social liberal, a hearty whatever floats your boat is my response. I simply do not care how one deals with cultural mores as long as they are not in m y face about it.

    The ultimate act of love? I beg to differ and put in 10 years in hell to prove my point.

      1. I can listen to the tune if played by a band, but if the Japanese or the English version is sung, I somehow cannot relish the tune also. It sounds so contrived.

  2. Ah sure aren’t we all eejits? The happiest unsanctified marriage I had was with my late beloved Ansa. A mere dog to some. A devoted fierce and intelligent companion to her wife, me.

    Marry myself? Who’d want me?

    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Thin on the ground

  3. One learns something every day – if you choose to find and research it!

    My commitment to me, started in the 1990s when my health was in a major downturn – with the aid of self-management that I still have to practice today, got it back on a less perilous deck but one that I know how far I can “rock it” and if for some reason it starts to slide, I know how to “manage it”

    1. You are right. There are so many things happening all over the place and now that information is available on all kinds of gadgets, our general knowledge keeps growing and we can also access the net for overcoming our ignorance.

  4. i’m sorry. i’m still laughing!
    i can’t think of a single thing to add to this.
    i no longer have a dog. but i totally understand that point of view! and i agree.
    Bob would find a very different person now. but then it’s a very different time.
    i’m glad i had the experience of marriage. yet not so sure i would do it all again.
    but oh my goodness. i certainly would want to meet him along the way!
    tammy j recently posted..may day

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