If More Politicians Listened To Scientists Would The World Be A Safer Place?

Welcome to the weekly 2 on 1 blog post that Shackman and I write every Friday. Today’s topic has been chosen by Shackman who is more optimistic than I thought him to be on politicians. Please do go over to his blog to see what he has to say on the topic.

I have no hopes whatsoever of politicians ever doing anything that would make our world a safer place. It simply has not happened ever, nor is it likely to happen ever again. The political class marches to a drum beat that is entirely unique to it and the class is most unsuited to march to any other drum beat.  Politicians by definition cannot think long term.

I am in total agreement with George Carlin and for the purpose of this post, I equate the government to politicians.  I leave it to my readers to decide if we are smart or intelligent.

15 thoughts on “If More Politicians Listened To Scientists Would The World Be A Safer Place?”

  1. I am much less optimistic than you think about politicians – I have zero faith in their ability to do anything that does not profit them directly. They are a truly worthless group of people who breathe good air useful people could use.

  2. Not necessarily safer because advancements in science can be used for good or evil. I do know that China spends a lot to support science and often advertises job openings for scientists in Science Magazine (a perk of belonging to the American Association for the Advancement of Science). We subscribed to it for 50 years, and they now have offered Andy a free lifetime membership, so I donated some money to them this year. We do like facts, not just bloviating.
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  3. everything they don’t like or that doesn’t fit into their political agenda is considered a ‘conspiracy’ of the highest order. ie global warming and the precarious balance of nature.
    i despair. and the worst of it is … it’s like a runaway train now. gaining momentum.
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  4. comments all have merits…

    don’t really know much about any of these issues, but maybe just enough to keep my own head above water…

    and that reminds me – I now have hot water coming out of the hot-taps at my place…only pockets of residents are still without such services, but that is mainly to do with other issues.

    issues that maybe scientists, politicians and natural environmentalists should be working on in coming months on “what now?”

  5. First time here and came from the “Monk” as for politicains. For me personal at times I wonder if there doing good for the majorty. I guess it depends where you live…Since I’m from Idaho and politics here is for those who supports guns, or it seems to be that way.
    Coffee is on

    1. I am an Indian living in India Dora. The original Indian that is! I don’t know much in detail about Idaho politics or for that matter the general American politics except what we see and hear about your POTUS. I normally refrain from commenting on the politics of other nations. We have enough of our own.

  6. Politicians listen to those voices that will pay the bills and pad the pocketbook (theirs mostly). I suppose we shouldn’t be too hard on them – we all make decisions based on bills and pocketbook. Politicians just do it more publically.

      1. I agree, with JEN as well, great comparison… and I’m glad I don’t have to publicly (to a wide audience) make announcements of my circumstances… I have enough trouble with a couple of people who assume a lot of very wrong things!

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