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  1. and it’s basically true, I have remained deep down a loner all my life…and I actually like myself in that strand of life…having now to answer to very few makes it even better! So my imagination is not tarnished by someone else expecting me to live life differently…………..

    1. Cathy, I just finished reading Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. It sounds like you have found meaning in the obstacles you faced as a young child.

      1. I can go out and foot it in the real world, but often I just want to stay at home and not be involved…

        When I’m out on one of my “trips around town” I do have conversations – usually short-term, random strangers…some pan out better than others. Then when I’m done talking, I’m off in my own little world

      1. yes “many” but there is still a small % that isn’t in that field at all…sometimes the most minor needs take ages to organise or similar.

        Want to get something larger but have to find someone willing to convey me in their car…so sometimes spur of the moment doesn’t happen…

        of course, I did have the choice to retain a car…but it was costing money I would rather spend in a different way; my choice to to do things that are enviable by others…

        it might be a missed opportunity by others but not by me…

  2. cathy…
    your words in that paragraph resonate totally with me.
    it’s like I have lived two lifetimes. one with bob. one now.
    for so long I thought the first one was the real one.
    now I think this one is.
    I could never have imagined it. but now that it’s here… I can’t imagine it any other way.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. Tammy I completely understand what you mean as I have the same feeling. I c an only suggest that what is real is what is. Lynn and Bob are gone our realities are we are alone. That is as real as were our lives with our respecgtive spouseswhen theywere here.

    2. I “see” where you are coming from – even though I have not lost a SO in quite the way you and Shackman have…

      Although, my ex-DH is still around, he no longer controls or pushes my “personal buttons” – we chat less often but we also see one another less often, even though he lives about 30mins walk from here. (BTW he approved this new pad)

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