In Law Trouble – II

The sequel to my earlier post In Law Trouble, can now be shared with my readers.

My friend returned home after completing his work in the Western part of India to a rather insipid reception. He put up with that for three days and decided to take the bull or, should I say, the cow by its horns.

He made his wife and children sit down with him at the dining table and explained what he though of the situation and why he did not want to change himself. His wife protested that this should not be done before the children, but he insisted that they need to know what was going on.

Smart man. The children unanimously voted for status quo and said that they were happy with the way things are and not at all interested in becoming members of the club or doing some of the things, their classmates were up to in such households. We tend to underestimate modern children.

It was a no contest. The wife has agreed to let it all go and continue the way things have been all along. She has also told her father to lay off! Quite how the latter came about is a mystery, but I can guess that my friend must have had a chat with her in confidence about the matter in private.

For the time being, peace reigns.

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