In To The Night 2,

diya and rangoliThe bottom part of the photo is what we call Rangoli. Manjiree made that earlier this evening and lit the traditional clay lamp with oil and wick just above it. This photograph is taken from above the lamp. The lamp is called a Diya.

This is now in the middle of our paved part of the garden.

An additional lit star has appeared on the grill in the veranda.

2013-11-01 21.29.49

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  1. I LOVE lights. I have a narrow wall covered with white Christmas mini-lights that stay there all year. And red chili lights (New Mexico look) across the top of the kitchen windows. I only turn them all on for company.

  2. I learn a lot from your posts, Ramana. This time about diyas and Rangoli. Light features through many traditions in the whole world. I do not know official version why it is so but I feel that is right. On the 1st of November – The All Saints Day in some traditions all Polish cemeteries where lit with candles in remembrance of the departed family members.

    1. I have attended some All Souls Day visits to cemeteries and they are always poignant. While they are solemn occasions, the Diwali lamps are to express joy and to seek removal of darkness from our lives.

    1. I haven’t a clue as to how the comment facility got turned off and from the controls I am not able to figure out. The Resident Geek is away on a ride and on his return shall rectify it. I am sorry for the inconvenience and I thank you for bringing this to my notice.

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