In To The Night.

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As I always do, every Saturday, I looked up the topic for today’s topic last Saturday. Saturdays somehow are slow days for me and my computer and after doing the rounds of other LBC posts and attending to comments on mine, I check on the next week’s topic and I was really zapped when I found this topic.

I was zapped, because on Friday, my daughter in law Manjiree asked me to teach her how to jive after having found during a conversation about my dancing days and I had promised to do so on her weekly holiday which was last Sunday. Closely following that discussion this topic came as another reminder of what a role synchronicity plays in my life. No sooner I saw the topic, the first thought that came into my mind was this song by Santana and the synchronicity there where the guy on the roof about to commit suicide is led to a window through which he sees a dancing girl and his life changes due to dancing In To The Night.

For those who are interested, the lyrics to that song are available here.

And that was the beginning to a journey through my memory of long past dancing into the night moments.

And as if that is not enough, Manjiree has arranged for a traditional festival of lights at our home since last evening. Here are two shots of our balcony that will remain so well into all the nights till the Diwali festival gets over on Monday.
Diwali lights

Diwali lights 2

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