India Has Arrived.

One hears much noise in the media about India’s current growth trajectory and emerging status as a global player. Residing in India in retirement however, this has not impressed me much except for the increased traffic on the roads and increasing sensationalism in our media.

But now I am willing to sit up and take notice. India has indeed arrived in the global scene. According to a report from the WHO, India is now the most depressed place on earth. India recorded the highest rate of major depression in the world, at 36% . This compares very favourably with Europe and the USA with a little more than 30%, but we have beaten our rival China hollow which has only 12%.

And more satisfying is the fact that unlike in other fields, our women have beaten women from other countries hollow with the distinction of being the most stressed in the world too. 87% compared to the next highest, Mexico with 74%.

Congratulations India. I am very proud to be an Indian. Where is my Prozac?

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