India Is Not Chaotic!

I wish!

In any case, there are some young people in my life who come up with brilliant suggestions and / or ideas that appeal to me and this post is about one such.

To be able to appreciate why,  please read my post on India, My India and also all the comments and my responses there. I guarantee you that you will find the exercise fascinating.

After you do that please see this video a link for which was sent to me by my brilliant young lawyer friend Ashok who has also commented about chaos in my blog post Creationism Or Evoulution.

4 thoughts on “India Is Not Chaotic!”

  1. Nice video. U.S. is multicultural and multiracial too. We don’t have an official language, but from time to time some people try to make it English.

    Supporters of the [English-Only measures] say that English forms the glue that keeps America together. They deplore the dollars wasted translating English into other languages. And they fear a horde of illegal aliens adamantly refusing to acquire the most powerful language on earth. On the other hand, opponents of official English remind us that without legislation we have managed to get over ninety-seven percent of the residents of this country to speak the national language. No country with an official language law even comes close. Opponents also point out that today’s non-English-speaking immigrants are picking up English faster than earlier generations of immigrants did, so instead of official English, they favor “English Plus,” encouraging everyone to speak both English and another language.

    From what I gather, both countries have their share of ethnic violence.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Rose Bushes

    1. Yes, we have ethnic, linguistic, caste, inter-religious and political violence. For all that it is still a relatively peaceful country mainly because of its size and the population of 1.4 billion and counting. In that volume, incidents tend to get lost.

  2. that video was a fascinating look which on the surface appears to be one thing but if looked at in a different perspective is not!
    I suppose a rain forest could be viewed as chaotic too. and yet it’s nature simply full of patterns. so which do I like? the order of our system which is control? or the freedom of living in supposed chaos that allows each to follow their own pattern?
    am I understanding it correctly? I think oddly enough I could get used to and even enjoy chaos. I see it differently now.
    the excessive noise of chaos may be a different thing for me however!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. The TED talk was a revelation to me too. I had never considered chaos as a pattern and Patnaik has opened my eyes. And you are right. Noise may be completely another kettle of fish.

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