India, My India!

Let me first explain some background.  Shri D Y Patil is a Governor.  This is a titular post to accommodate surplus politicians and bureucrats who can still contribute(!) in some way to the political party in power in the Center, at the time of appointment. Tripura is one of our smallest states. It has four districts compared to the state Maharashtra where the above university is located, with 35 districts.  Shri Patil is called an Education Baron for having set up this university and my readers can easily understand what that means. The D Y Patil University is a “Deemed University.”  The knowledgeable and the press now a days call such universities as “Doomed Universities.” At least one college in this university is scheduled to be derecognized.

Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde, is a Maharashtra politician who cannot be accommodated in the state of Maharashtra which has powerful other dominant castes in positions of power and so has been allocated the Power portfolio.  India is suffering from gross under capacity and its growth is stymied by lack of any action from his ministry.

The third figure is Baba Ramdev.  He is a yoga guru with an amazing fortune collected from his adoring fans. His TV channel is among the most watched and his branches all over the country teach yoga to millions of Indians.

The last, Dr. U R Rao, is a highly respected Scientist of the Indian Scientific Establishment.  He is however superannuated now from the establishment and depends on the political establishment to keep him in some remunerative occupation. His presence on the dais is therefore understandable though regrettable.

The purpose of this post is to explain why, M/s Patil and Shinde, two politicians belonging to the Indian National Congress Party, an avowed ‘Secular’ party, with an unblemished record of minority appeasement and vote bank politics, have chosen to use a Hindu symbol of India in their function.

Baba Ramdev has just set the cat amongst the pigeons by announcing the formation of a political party to contest the next election to the Indian parliament. He has got the money and man power across the country to cause enough problems for the established political class of India.  If you read through the contents of the article on him linked here, you will see what sort of problems he can create.

If you look at the picture carefully, you will see how much the Baba is enjoying the affair. I cannot but admire the man for his understanding of the environment and the reason for his being on the rostrum and being honored with Doctorate too! I wonder what fall out is likely to take place when the “High Command”, which is what Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are called in the INC party come to know about this tamasha.

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