India Pakistan Partition.

My friend Anita sent me this message and the link to the video advertising a product that you will recognise soon enough.

“I have older  friends who have been victims of the India-Pakistan Partition, and many times, have been transported by their stories of the difficult times they went through.

This is one of the best videos that I’ve seen in a while, and it touched me deeply. Not only is it beautifully made to showcase the product without throwing it in your face, but it also runs like a short film, with subtle performances capturing emotion without turning maudlin.”

The story is of a Hindu who left Lahore and came to Delhi sharing his memories of childhood friend Yusuf whose family ran a sweetmeat shop from where the two young boys used to steal jajariya, a sweetmeat. The grand daughter decides to surprise her grandfather with an unusual birthday gift.

26 thoughts on “India Pakistan Partition.”

  1. Hi Rummy,

    As a loyal and incurable Googlette, I must say that I loved the add: so endearing, so cute, so beautiful. It reminds us the beauty of being human and the beauty of friendships when politics and terror don’t get in the way.

    There are many many partition stories like this one in places like Israel and Sudan (for instance), where friends were forced to be separated by politics. I wish they could all reunite one day in peace.

    Thank you for sharing beauty and love with us.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..China’s Interfering Foreign Policy

  2. oh rummy.
    sitting here with tears streaming.
    and the last shot. the very last. where they’re sitting there celebrating the rain.
    and i know how you feel about that too.
    this was wonderful.
    thank you!
    tammyj recently posted..have you ever?

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