India Pakistan Partition.

My friend Anita sent me this message and the link to the video advertising a product that you will recognise soon enough.

“I have older ¬†friends who have been victims of the India-Pakistan Partition, and many times, have been transported by their stories of the difficult times they went through.

This is one of the best videos that I’ve seen in a while, and it touched me deeply. Not only is it beautifully made to showcase the product without throwing it in your face, but it also runs like a short film, with subtle performances capturing emotion without turning maudlin.”

The story is of a Hindu who left Lahore and came to Delhi sharing his memories of childhood friend Yusuf whose family ran a sweetmeat shop from where the two young boys used to steal jajariya, a sweetmeat. The grand daughter decides to surprise her grandfather with an unusual birthday gift.

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