Indian Behaviour.

This video is so typical of many Indians that I simply had to share it with my readers.    While being quite funny, this video shows the behaviour of my generation of Indians who grew up during our glorious socialistic days when tooth paste was a luxury just like many other things that now are not, were, then.

While we did not go to the great lengths that the lady in the video does, we did innovate to get the last bit of paste out of our toothpaste tubes. All households had this gadget in their bathroom cabinets.

The tube’s bottom was inserted in the slot between the two shafts and the key turned to roll up the tube till the last bit was squeezed out.

Yes, we went through those times which seem so strange to today’s generation of Indians.

Do you remember any such gadgets in your childhood?

8 thoughts on “Indian Behaviour.”

  1. other than just being instructed to NEVER squeeze the tube in the middle… nope! I don’t remember.
    but to confess… I was literally blown away by the Beautiful tile work in their courtyard! I’ve had to watch it again because of that! it’s wonderful! 😀

    1. Tammy, you are from the land that invented the toothpaste tube and also which launched the affluent consumer society. We, on the other hand, had to make things last for as long as possible.

      That video is from Kerala. Many homes there are like this thanks to expat Indians from the Gulf investing in fancy real estate there.

  2. Nothing was ever wasted when I was a child, rubber bands, twine, messages were wrapped in brown paper (meats, fish, vegetables) and even that was re-used to cover school books. Toothpaste came in a tin.

  3. yes that “toothpaste tube” key was gadget here. I still use a system for getting everything out of tubes, but with a slightly different method… but in a way not because of getting the last drop but rather so that stuff flows out easily as I don’t have a great of hand/wrist strength nowadays…

  4. Funny! Being frugal, not wasting, and finding use for items that might otherwise be discarded were a way of life in my mother’s farm life days growing up. She naturally continued that and we children automatically learned the same. This has not been to a fault for fanatically but is what so many are urged to practice today as part of environmental issues. I have always gotten most all of toothpaste from the tube as a matter of course and still do but without any device as described here.

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