Indian Democracy In Action.

Some of my readers in their comments on some of my posts have mentioned that they know little about my country, India. I have recently been posting about India, its electoral processes and some of the problems that we face here.

Indian democracy has survived for over six decades bar a short aberration when Indira Gandhi had declared a national emergency for almost two years between 26 June 1975 and 21 March 1977. Every five years, we have been electing a new Parliament, and each state and all local bodies too, have similar elections.

To sum up the entire process is beyond my capability, but I have just come across a very balanced article by Andrew Buncombe in the Independent which gives a panoramic view of the entire process and the mind boggling numbers. For those interested, I urge taking some time to read all about it.

I shall be writing more posts about some other aspects of our elections later and this should be the first in a series of them.

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