Indian Railways.

My readers will remember my love for the railways from my earlier posts. Just one written ten years ago should suffice. One of the few regrets that I now is my inability to travel, particularly by train.

I was totally zapped therefore when I received a clip from my friend on WhatsApp showing a freight train on Indian tracks that seemed to just go on and on. I had to wait till I could sit at the computer to search for more details about it and finally found this article.

Can you believe that the train is 2 Kilometres long? I am still in a state of amazement.

Here is a YouTube version of the run.

15 thoughts on “Indian Railways.”

  1. I feel about trains the same way you do. I have never minded the sound of the train. I can only imagine how it sounded when they were steam engines. I roll down my window while waiting for them.
    I enjoyed the video! with the little grey caboose! now I’ll check out the links. šŸ™‚

  2. I loved your post. whatever happened to Sandeep Rummy? I haven’t heard you talk about him in awhile. I used to enjoy his comments to you here.
    and that post made me wish for travelling again on trains! I too have fond memories of going back home to NY on one. there is nothing like train travel.
    it’s my favorite part too of some old movies. it brings back the sounds and smells and it’s heaven. at least in my memories!

    1. Sandeep and Deepali have emigrated to the UK and have become citizens there. They visit Pune twice a year and having become a Brit Sandeep has become lazy. He likes / comments on my facebook page where alerts pop up whenever I publish a blog post. You can see his family’s photograph in the comments column of the post on hugs in my response to your comment.

      1. thank you! your beard was so long then!
        if you double click it makes it bigger. I enjoyed that post and that the last little boy hadn’t even been a thought yet! LOL.

  3. I love railways as well, they have a certain something that buses and coaches don’t have. As a child I lived in two houses that both had railways at the bottom of the garden. I always associate massive freight trains with the USA, but clearly India is overtaking them in terms of length!

    1. We have the land mass to make railways an economic proposition, We still have a long way to go before we can get the kind of road linkage that the USA or other Western countries have. Another under-utilised method is the coastal and riverine transportation which too is being developed.

  4. I too am a mad fan of railways, spent so much time on trains both as a child and as an adult and toured the “continent” on trains and can’t count the number of times I crossed the UK from Fishguard off the ferry to London. I loved the express to Dublin.
    Miss them like you do Ramana.


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