Indian Roads.

Commenting on my blog post Driving Licence, Big John said –

“In the UK we old farts do not have to pass a medical or any other test. Just fill in a form on line, tick the right boxes and the authorities take your word for it that you are fit to drive for another 3 years. Un-bloody-believable !
BTW … From what I have seen of Indian drivers (on TV) I’m surprised anyone in your country has ever passed any sort of driving test … :-)”

I responded – “You can say that again. Even those with valid driving licences nowadays are unlikely to have passed a test!”

I am sure that Big John will enjoy this cartoon.

I am sorry Big John, I could not edit the American spelling.

17 thoughts on “Indian Roads.”

  1. As I shall be 70 shortly, I’m relieved to know renewing my licence is so easy – for the time being at any rate. But I wonder how some of the lunatic drivers on the road managed to get a driving licence in the first place. I spend half my time braking to avoid some idiot who’s just nipped into my lane right in front of me.
    nick recently posted..Like for like

  2. a LADY honked and ‘flipped me off’ yesterday!
    then she speeded up behind me and honked again.
    i’m still not sure what i did. it was clear when i turned. i made sure to check!
    i smiled and waved sweetly to her like she was an old friend.
    i think that made her madder.
    hee hee.
    tammy j recently posted..renewal

    1. i did the same to a bicycler who was being rude as we rode along together. I think she didn’t approve of my wearing a mask to keep the sun off. When she turned down her street I yelled HAVE A NICE DAY.

  3. Over here a license is a thousand dollars, many years ago, who knows how high now, for 10-20 hours of driving instruction, the same of theory, and paperwork and the test. It is good for life. Those of us who want to arrive in one piece hug the right lane as the others whiz by. several years ago I almost bought the farm when an idiot in a convertable, doing 200km, lost a surfboard off the top. And here men honk if a woman drives and a man is the passenger! LOVE German drivers.
    Dun-Na-Sead recently posted..The Rain: Using All Five Senses

    1. I have driven on your autobahns and also been driven on them. There was always a great difference in speeds between the two. The locals were determined to be fast!

  4. adding to the plight of anyone here, it the cellphone users who don’t seem to be aware of the bluetooth device for hands-free talking…you can ticketed for using a cellphone without bluetooth…here, don’t know what the fine is of course nor the stats on who is catching who….

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