Indians Abroad.

I came across this article about the Indian diaspora which also includes some comments about the current state of affairs within India.

Karma, fate or whatever, has a role to play in the lives of nations as much as individuals. Many of the fore-runners of the “educated” Indians that emigrated, belong to my generation. This post is to give a picture of those days as seen from inside the country.

The sixties were the time when the IITs and other higher education institutions were churning out engineers, scientists and doctors but the infrastructure could not provide opportunities for either advanced education or employment within a rigid socialist pattern of governance.

Even the young people coming out of these institutions of higher education were products of the privileged political or bureaucratic class which had a strangle hold on good quality primary education compared to the facilities available for the ordinary citizens. Special schools were set up for children of government/defense employees on the pretext that the parents were subject to transfers and the children needed to be provided with consistent education. These parents also had special allowances to educate the children, denied to the tax paying ordinary citizens.

The other kind of education available was mostly through religious missionary institutions, of one of which, I am a product. Here the cost of education was quite high and few non government employees could afford such education for their children. Despite that, many did succeed in India and they stayed behind and are part of the back bone of today’s India’s strengths. We now see a reversal of brain drain taking place with diaspora beginning to return to India.

Today’s India is a very different one to that of my generation. There is however much more to be done and the media, industry and various think tanks are pressurising our government to speed up the completion of our reform process. There are encouraging signals coming from Delhi and the next tranche of measures are expected shortly.

If that goes through, the trickle of returning diaspora is likely to become a flood and some very interesting things are likely to happen. To start with, I expect to see some drop in local remunerations for technology employees. Some impact on real estate prices can also take place mostly upward.

What I dread most is the increase in the number of vehicles on our roads! And dare I say, some confusion on the roads as we drive on the left side of our roads.

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