India’s Own Munthadar al-Zaidi.

There is just too much coincidence here. There is another PC and I have got to be extremely careful about how I go about this post lest, I get into media and more importantly, legal, hassles.

PC, is our Home Minister, and represents the Congress Party currently in power at the Center. The Congress Party, in its infinite wisdom decided to field two of its stalwarts to stand for the forthcoming parliamentary elections from New Delhi. Unfortunately, both of them have been accused of abetting and even egging on rioting squads when Indira Gandhi was assassinated and the Congress Party went after the Sikhs of India in revenge for her killing.

PC, was addressing a press conference and one journalist, Jarnail Singh, a sikh, asked him as to how one of the accused in the notorious case could get a clean chit from the Central Investigating Agency just before the elections. When the reply from PC was not satisfactory, Jarnail Singh simply resorted to throwing a shoe at PC. By now a famous way of protesting perceived injustice.

Jarnail Singh, is now a great hero among the people who suffered most, the Sikhs and many like me who were appalled at what happened at that time. The political situation became so uncertain, that the Congress Party has withdrawn the two candidates from the fray.

Round one to the cause of justice. You can read more about this here.

It looks as though this form of protest will now grow! One saw a lot of it in London from the crowds protesting the G20 meeting. There is another great leader, called a “Lion” by his fans, from the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, who has now announced that he will not address any press conferences because he fears shoes being thrown at him!

Mahatma Gandhi, I suspect, will be very pleased with this form of protest!

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