Indu Sarkar.

With so much controversy about the film and the problems it had had from the censors and a section of the old INC brigade, I had very high expectations from the film. I expected much more than what the film shows on our Emergency and to that extent was disappointed. On the other hand, I had such an amazing experience watching an actor, Kirti Kulhari who I had never seen on screen before producing a super performance portraying a difficult character.

I had never seen a Madhur Bhandarkar movie before either and was pleasantly surprised at his direction.

My disappointment with the movie was because the emergency just provides a backdrop to a story about a woman. Yes, another woman centric picture and that made the viewing experience very special.

A picture worth seeing for bringing to life the darkest period of India’s post independence history and to see a remarkable performance by a very talented young lady.

8 thoughts on “Indu Sarkar.”

  1. Thanks for your review. I was in a dilemma. Whether I must take time and efforts to go to the theater and see the movie or wait for the same in the you tube and see with less efforts.

    1. Some scenes will appear rather tepid in the small youtube screen. I hope that you will go to a theatre to see it. Please do it soon. I doubt that it will run for another week. The attendance was pathetic and the timings are most inconvenient.

  2. kudos to your film industry for making films with good or great parts for women.
    ours can’t hold a candle to it.
    it’s the major complaint of the really good women actors in Hollywood.
    there are no meaty really quality roles anymore I guess.
    not like in the ‘golden age’ of Hollywood anyway.
    when Bette Davis and Stanwyck and Lombard and other ladies were filming.
    now it’s all action films and silly marvel comic stuff. arm candy.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. On reflection, I believe that the Hindi film industry has repeatedly been offering womancentric movies over the past many decades at infrequent intervals. Lately however, the frequency seems to have increased that is all.

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