Give two actors who are on my list of great actors, a novel that I had enjoyed reading being made into a movie with those two actors and how could I not go to see Inferno? And when I was taken to see it by the two most favourite people on earth, it was worth staying up late to see a late night show last night.

Like most films based on successful novels, this film too suffers from not quite coming up to the viewer’s expectations. It suffers primarily on the details, but the fast paced action more than compensates and overall, offers a pleasant viewing experience. There are some differences between the two in terms of facts but that does not significantly affect the overall impact of the narration.

Tom Hanks does not disappoint. In fact, the whole film is carried on his shoulders without visible effort by him. All the other actors, though important to the plot and play their roles, for all that it matters, are their in supporting roles, even almost cameo, bar Felicity Jones who appears throughout the film.

Another remarkable feature of the film is the background music. Apt, present yet not intrusive. After a long time, I experienced that in a modern movie.

If there is one complaint that I have about the film, that is about the gross under-utilisation of Irrfan Khan‘s talents. For the kind of role that he has played in this film, any ‘body’ would have been enough. The three of us wondered if he would not have played a better role as the lead in the film, but that is wishful thinking.

Whether you have read the book or not, this is a movie worth seeing.

4 thoughts on “Inferno.”

  1. Tom Hanks is a favorite with me. I saw him recently in Sully, and he carried that movie as well. He just keeps getting better and better as he matures. I haven’t seen Inferno, but will if the opportunity arises. Thanks for another fantastic review!

    1. There was a time that one film per week was more than enough for me. Nowadays, so many movies are released every week in English, Hindi and Marathi here that it is bewildering. Other than these, I also see films at home and I blog about only those that my readers can either get to see or avoid if I find them to be totally useless. I do not review all the films that I see, nor all the books that I read.

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