A cousin who is very dear to me, has been living alone sans his wife the last month and during the time has been cooking up storms of his favourite dishes from his childhood. He suddenly mentioned one particular dish called Avial and how he tried his hand at it and it came our very successful.

This inspired me to try the same at my home for today’s lunch and I was treated with much appreciation by my daughter in love, her mother who was visiting and my son.

To accompany this dish one more traditional dish was also on the menu called Adai. Preparations were made yesterday itself for it and it too was made for lunch and that too was successful.

I haven’t lost my touch! I am pleased as punch.

16 thoughts on “Inspiration.”

  1. The avial looks delicious but might be too spicy for me. Four green chillis and ½ teaspoon of chilli powder? I don’t think my stomach would take kindly to that. I would have to make it a lot less spicy.

    1. Yes, possibly but, for us used to more spicy food, the coconut and yoghurt softens the effect of the chilli in this dish and it is considered to be one of the milder ones in our cuisine.

  2. wonderful to be appreciated! and to know you haven’t lost your touch Rummy.
    but then you surely never doubted? !!! XO

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