Instant Messaging.

I reproduce an exchange of instant messages exchanged with a young friend.

Me: I would like to take a crack at your new status bar message.

YF: Please do.

Me: At my age and situation in life, that is the only place where it can be.

YF: What?

Me: It.

YF: I don’t understand.

Me: I am not surprised.

YF: Why?

Me: You have a long way to go before you reach my age and hopefully never my situation.

YF: I still don’t understand.

Me: Okay, go offline and think for a while and if you still cannot come up with the answer, come back to chat. Bye for now.

YF, After thirty minutes: You are impossible. I have changed my status message.

Me: Why? It applies to me, not to you.

YF: Ha! Ha!!

Me: Now go and do something about it. Bye.

YF: Yes Sir! Bye.

The Challenge: What could the status message have been that generated this exchange?

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