Interfaith Marriage II


I feel like kicking myself for not having remembered.

Grannymar has this interesting Thursday joke in her blog.

This story reminded me of a post that I had written some time ago about An Outraged Friend. That post ties neatly into the message of some of the problems of interfaith marriages and I should have included a link in my post on Interfaith Marriage.

When I went back to read the earlier post on the outraged friend, the comments took me on a different high too!

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  1. I reread my comment on that old post. Now that winter is over, we, here in Northern Ireland will be forced to listen to the bornagainites bellowing through megaphones about how they have been saved! The droning sing song voices are enough to drive a body to drink!
    Grannymar recently posted..Thursday Special ~ No Codding

  2. I don’t often hear of people splitting up on the grounds of religious difference. The cause is much more likely to be one of the old chestnuts like infidelity or alcoholism or squandering money or fecklessness.
    Nick recently posted..Comfort-seeking

    1. I think that you are right. Perhaps the very differences strengthen the relationships. Having said that, I must add a caveat. Interfaith marriages where one partner is a muslim do often break. At least here in India they do.

  3. Then there’s the couple who went to a rabbi for premarital counseling. The pastor said, “The problem isn’t that you’re Jewish and she’s Catholic or that you’re Israeli and she’s Italian. The problem is you’re a man and she’s a woman, and there’s nothing that can be done about that.”
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Messes, Not Mistakes

  4. A n Indian couple – very good friends of ours for the past 30 years and married for over 40 years are heading for a split ( the only argument is whether it should be a legal separation or a divorce ) ! He is a Hindu/Buddhist while she a Catholic and they have settled in USA the past 20 years – we do not yet know the reason but somehow I don’t think it is because of the different faiths . They have two great kids who are married and 3 lovely grand kids ! Sad !

    1. I doubt very much that religion would have had anything to do with it. I know one couple in their early sixties with one daughter and one son both flourishing doctors in the USA who do not have any thing to do with the parents. The parents have not spoken to each other for the past sixteen years and I am a conduit of sorts for both of them. They live in the same huge palatial flat in Malabar Hills in Mumbai and have not divorced each other because of cross investments in many ventures. Those have finally come now to some semblance of sanity and they will shortly be divorcing each other. Interpersonal equations are funny Nandu. Human beings are not all the same though we would like them to be.

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