Internet Censorship – Google Exits China.

I cannot figure out why Google decided to withdraw from mailand China, but what amazes me is the reaction of the Chinese government to this development.

The Washington Post has a very interesting article on the Chinese Government’s instructions to its media after Google announced its exit from mainland China.

I am glad that I am not Chinese.

In India, during the dark days of the National Emergency declared by Indira Gandhi about which I had written in my post “Hope And Renewal”, there was press censorship and one brave national chain of newspapers used to publish their paper with the space censored left blank leaving no one in doubt about what had happened. Apart from that one blot on our media being censored, we have had a free media which keeps throwing up scandals and mobilises public opinion.

We do not have any kind of Internet censorship. And am I grateful for that! Just imagine otherwise, I would keep disappointing Mayo all the time!

The Indian political class also apparently has learnt not to interfere with the freedom of the media as more and more unsavoury news keeps getting published/aired much to the chagrin of the class.

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