Introduction to a post on Terrorism in India

I have now finished my magnum opus on terrorism in India. It was challenging indeed to keep within a reasonable length but despite much editing, I have not been able to make it less than about 2000 words!

The post gives a panoramic view of the background and the causes for the current state of suspicion and insecurity. Naturally, much detail could not be given for reasons of brevity and I shall be pleased to answer any queries that any reader may ask.

I am not an expert on this subject. Like most Indians however, I have my views which I have honestly tried to express in the post. Some may be controversial, but I cannot in all sincerity avoid those.

I have also decided that for the sake of continuity, I should publish it in its entirety and seek your indulgence for the rather long post.

I shall publish the post as a separate and complete post immediately after this post.