Among the many things that I enjoy in the mornings when I sit with my mug of tea in our veranda, the sound of the koel calling inevitable brings back memories of an old Hindi song.

Two pairs of Bulbuls have nested in our home. One in the hedge bordering our garden and one on top of a window in our kitchen. You can see the latter below.
The one below is a google image of a nest with an egg, very similar to the one in our garden hedge.
I have been witness to the shenanigans of a pair of Koels who have hijacked the nest in the garden to dump koel eggs in it as they do either in these or crow’s nests. The hapless Bulbuls keep trying to chase the koels away with little success as the latter are much bigger and simply ignore the former.

Fascinating sight of one of nature’s phenomena. I have only heard / read about koels dumping their eggs in the nests of other birds as they do not build nests of their own, and this morning ballet is simply too interesting to ignore. It takes the allure of my morning dose of news papers to drag me away.

8 thoughts on “Invasion!”

  1. You remind me of the cuckoos in Ireland, dumping their eggs in other birds’ nests and laughing about it with their sound “cuckoo”.

    Lovely to watch nature in the morning.


  2. On top of your window is an odd place to build a nest. But I guess it’s less likely to be disturbed than one outside the house. Those koels are cheeky buggers!

  3. I love wikipedia and it’s way of gifting us much information (for what it’s worth, I gift them a small annual sum to keep it going)
    But also love the strange idea of gifting your “eggs” to you even if you have no wish to support another birds’ endeavour to create
    Catherine recently posted..New concertina book, plus…

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