In my last post “It Pours” I had mentioned getting a console made for our inverter. Some of my readers have expressed their desire to know something about inverters.

The Wikipedia has this to say about inverters which may confuse my readers more!

Simply stated, an inverter that I talk about is an electronic gadget, connected to a storage battery and to the electric supply system of a home; which keeps power supply going on when there is a power outage. In India, such outages are quite common and therefore many homes have such an arrangement so that they do not have to suffer outages too much. The storage battery simply needs its distilled water topped up every two months or so.


This photograph shows the inverter sitting on top of a console within which the storage battery is located.

I changed the console from a plastic one like the one above to a sturdier wooden one on stronger castor wheels.

15 thoughts on “Inverter.”

    1. Yes, very handy to have in all homes. One of India’s fastest growing industries is in the manufacture of these inverters and special batteries for them.

    1. Except in this gadget, it does not generate electricity, but just distributes stored electricity from the battery till the mains come back again. The battery will get charged once the inverter has quit and the mains takes over the supply of electricity.

  1. oh, I see now…here if power outages get out of hand, a person can get a portable generator, some workman have them for inaccessible places. In fact just today, I saw a large truck with one in the back tray.

    1. We have those too and larger homes usually have them to take over power supply in case of outages. Living in flats as most of us do, we find these noiseless alternative more useful.

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