Ippadikku, A Short Film.


My readers will recollect my blog post on the postcard that I received and how that post led me to make two new young friends.

Subsequent to the meeting at my home the three of us had another occasion to meet at a neighbourhood school where the film was screened for children and I was asked to share my experiences with the Indian postal system. It was a memorable occasion, one about which I wish that I had blogged but one that will always stay in my memory for such excitement with primary school children.

The film has been winning awards subsequently and the one above is the latest and I take this opportunity to congratulate Shiva and Jagan for their wonderful achievement. I wish that they should make more films and get more accolades.

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  1. I had to follow your link to the previous post where you had a link to the movie. I watched it and it brought back great memories to me also. Although I couldn’t really write, I had a little typewriter as a small child while living in Japan, and I used to write and receive letters from both of my grandfathers at the time. Of course I never had the opportunity to save any of them, since that wasn’t the sensibilities of the time, but this movie brought those memories back to me… almost made me cry… almost that is. 🙂
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  2. i watched it again just now rummy. then wondered why i never commented the first time. because once again . . .
    i was so touched by it. i did cry!
    adorable little arjun with his shadow of a mustache . . . and his beautiful gentle “ma” teaching him about the value of letters.
    this is a small jewel of a film.
    i’m so glad it’s getting the honors and awards it deserves!
    and how exciting to know and be friends with the two creative young men responsible for it!
    thank you rummy. once again. for a lovely post.
    i have letters i’ve kept from my mother and father and brother . . . and from gram and my beloved bob. they are treasures that simply breathe life . . . as i read them once more. it’s an important thing to save in our age of virtual technology.
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    1. Without taking away the merit from the movie itself, I find the relationship with these two young men a great gift. They still retain their earthiness of Tamil Nadu, the state of my ancestors and I love to converse with them in Tamil.

  3. I missed this all in the first go-arounds. I’m happy to have seen it. Such a sweet film. It is universal in it’s appeal and it’s heartfelt message of the joy learning to think outside of one’s self.
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